Visiting us for the first time?

Whether you’re new to fetish gear, or just new to TrickBox, you can count on our team to help find the gear that’s right for you. Our shop has a carefully curated collection of items, which we are very familiar with, so don’t hesitate to ask questions. TrickBox firmly believes fetish gear must be touched, tried on, and experienced. That means we encourage you to try our gear on, and we're always ready to help you find the ideal fit. Getting a great fit in gear such as jockstraps means there needs to be as little as possible between you and the piece you're fitting. For this reason, we recommend that you wear low profile underwear when shopping for items such as these.

Our door is just to the right of Zeke’s. When you arrive, use the intercom panel to ring TrickBox, and we’ll buzz you through. Head up the stairs and come on in.